Monday, April 11, 2016

NICU isolette covers

I know I've posted about the isolette covers before - these are for babies born early who are in incubators, fighting to survive. The incubators/Isolettes are designed to control the baby's environment. It also amplifies noise. So these covers help reduce light and noise, creating a "womb-like" environment as much as possible. 

My mom made a set for my brother's twin boys. Then I wanted to make some in honor of them. And my church picked up on it... And now it's time to donate!! So excited!! 

I'm hoping I kept pictures of each one I made...

Hrm. I thought I'd made ten but I only have pics of nine!! Looks like I'll have to make one more before Friday when we deliver these :) (obviously I can't count. There are ten here!!)

This is a simple pattern mom came up with after making the ones for my nephews. 45" wide OR width of fabric. This pattern should cover about any isolette. The bottom fabric should be dark. I used prequilted black, I used batting and quilted myself, and I just used thick fleece to back some. 

And the tops are cotton or flannel. It doesn't really matter. 

I can't tell you how thankful I am God gave me this opportunity to give back to those most vulnerable in our communities.  And how appreciative I am of those who did this before me so my nephews had donated covers before my mom made them their own. 

I made A LOT of mistakes. Seriously crooked lines. Puckers in the fabric. White thread on black fabric. But these sweet babies do not care. Promise!! So don't let that stop you from trying this! 

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