Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Thinking about my Sweet Niece and wanting to give her something cool to get her excited about 6th grade, I came up with notebook covers for 3-ring binders.  You know the ones I'm talking about with the clear plastic sleeve so you can slip in your own paper to personalize the notebook? Well, I used some of the digital papers I've purchased and put something together for her. 

I liked them so much I created a few others for people - my penpal's daughter, my aunt, ME! But they are so stinkin' cute! and easy to make.  What do you think? I decided not to sell them because I just didn't know what someone would spend on this?? But I do think they are snazzy. 

Seriously EASY to make.  The colored band covers up where the two types of "papers" meet, so you don't have a random rough edge there.  Add a white circle, a text box, and you are ready to go!

Otherwise, I've been busy on a scrapbook order for a friend, then I think I'll make up a few to add to my Etsy shop for any interested buyers.  My next one may be a beach theme because I have some cute papers. :) 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mother's Day Book - #2!

This weekend I wrapped up the second Mother's Day book and I do really like it.  As the folks in my office said - it's more sophisticated than most of my other books.  This is true, but it makes sense being that it's for a mom and not a child. :)

So, what do you think??? Mommy enough without screaming great-grammy? Fill me in on what you think of it!  And view the entire shop here.

 I have to tell you - this is one of my favorite pages EVER.  

 This is my Mom's favorite page from this book. :)

So there you have it!! :)  Any thoughts?  Leave me a comment so I can keep learning and growing from the feedback.  I'm working on a baby - 15 years right now, but then what?? Baby books, baby registries, beach book? Not sure. 

Want to see my shop? It's located here!

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Perfect Gift for Weddings/Babies

Many years ago, my mom asked if I could find a registry book that a bride-to-be could take to every shower and just keep adding to the listings with each event.  Made sense, sounded like a great idea... but it was no where to be found. So, I created it. 

These have been improved over the years and are such a huge help to the bride or mom-to-be.  Each shower has its own title page to record all those details you'd want to remember many years from now.  Each shower has pages for recording the gift and giver, with a check box to mark off when Thank You notes are mailed.  There is even a section for the gifts received outside of a shower (by mail, those who missed showers, etc)  

It is really the perfect gift for anyone having a shower. Check it out! You can order a custom registry book at my store on Etsy: Pressed Clovers!