Tuesday, April 16, 2013

{Tutorial} Cupcake Liner Wreath

The version I pinned (above) and my version (below!) Not too shabby!

I'm sharing a Pinned It, Did It project! And it was a #SUCCESS! Yay!

So basically grab a foam wreath form, pins, and about 200 cupcake liners. (I bet a pool noodle would work great and cost less from the Dollar Store). I followed the Pintrest directions and turned the liners wrong side out. I folded/crumbled the liners and pinned to the wreath. Let me say, I made mine tighter than the online version, because I was watching tv and not really paying attention.

So there are all the steps. So stinkin' easy and cute! Now go grab some supplies and get to gettin'!

--- Let me add here, I bought the pins that look like a large U shape - maybe they are something to adhere floral things to wreathes, but that was WAY overkill for this. Stick pins from the sewing section will cost you less and be much less of a pain in the booty. :)  This is also super light-weight so command hooks will hold it with no problem!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sewing Project Success!

When I heard my sister was expecting, one thing I was determined to learn how to do was sew.  I haven't tried since home economics class in 6th grade? 8th grade? Whatever, it's been well over 20 years since I've worked on a sewing machine. Even then it was learning how to make a pillow. Maybe I made a pair of shorts? It wasn't major stuff by any means. 

Enter Jenilyn at Grits and Giggles. When she asked for pattern testers, I tossed my name in the hat to help - and was chosen! So here is my first attempt at sewing (with much help from mom!!).  

This dress pattern is VERY easy and so adorable. It's called the Lindsay Reverse Knot dress. Jenilyn is so talented she can make her own patterns (ENVIOUS!!) and thankfully she can make them easy enough for someone like me to understand.

The straps thread through two button holes in the back and make this dress adjustable! Seriously, we made Macy's a bit on the large side so she can still wear it all summer.  No problem, the adjustable straps make the bodice higher/lower where it should be and tightens/loosens around her chest area - growing room! Woop woop!

The really cool thing is you could make a dozen of these and they would look so different no one would even notice they were from the same pattern.  Don't believe me? Check out some of the other testers and you'll see what I mean. Love it!

So right now I'm flying high on a success! WOOP!