Tuesday, February 5, 2013

THANK HEAVENS for Support!

Oh my, my journey through life has brought so many wonderful people into my life and Grace is one of those people.  We met for dinner last night and we counted up how many Pressed Clovers books she has gotten over the years and counted eleven!  And we missed one so it's really 12!! Holy cow, 12 books!  She has believed in me from the very first, before I was actually making books for anyone.

Grace and I worked together for several years, but it's since we've both left that organization that we've become close. On my way to meeting her yesterday, I stopped into our local library and found the perfect book for her (our local library sells gently used donated books or books that are being removed from the stacks). The inscription I added said, "Dear Grace, Thank you for always supporting and believing in my dreams." And this is so true.

So thankful for people like this in my life.  They want to see you soar and will do everything in their power to see you get there. :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Little Helper

Muffin wanted to wish all of you a Happy Monday! She sits on the bed in my workroom and just hangs out with me while I work.  Here you can see I made the mistake of putting a single sheet of tissue paper on the bed, which Muffin immediately claimed as her own. When I heard the first crinkle, it was almost instinctive to take it from her but I knew she would shred it as I tried, so what was the point? I just let her keep it.  And it made her so happy, I'm glad I did. :)

Hope you are having a great week!