Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bibs and Books aren't just for Babies!

When one of my great friends wanted a book for her racing bibs, I took on the challenge.  It was a challenge - I have no clue what runners are interested in, what info they'd want to keep for the future, etc.  I was so worried she wouldn't like it, but she loved it! *whew*

Each race has a matted place for her to put her racing bib and places for three photos.  Because I knew her themes for each race, I made sure each one matched up.  Cupid's Chase, Turtle Trot, and so on.

I also worked with her to see what information she'd wanted recorded:  Race name, date, distance, her time, and the highlights.  This is located just under the racing bib, so all that information is together on one page.

 The photos are grouped together on one side - two horizontal and one vertical.

This last spread included many of the motivational posts she had used on her facebook page from the past year, a place for her to record her motivation and her goals & acheivements.  This was her first year racing and I wanted her to remember what all she overcame and accomplished.

I have to say, I learned so much doing this book for her. It was such an honor to have her trust me to provide a place for her to record all these memories and accomplishments! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished. :)

Know anyone into racing? Tell them to send me a message and let's talk about doing a book for them! :)