Thursday, November 24, 2016

Craft Fair

Mom (thankfully) helped me tackle my first craft fair with Pressed Clovers! We met such nice people and made a few sales, too. 

I had lots of bib sets, several gift baskets ready to give and some of my sister's paintings. Mom also had handmade baby cards which are ADORABLE. 

Mom and I both have old cribs so we used parts to make a bib set display. How cute is this!? It holds nine on each side. We were the corner booth as you entered the shopping area- perfect! 

The gift baskets were open but I wrapped them in clear bags once they were purchased. Added a bow and a card (by mom!) and the gift is done! Grab it and head for the baby shower! :) 

So thankful it went well and others enjoyed the products, too. I'm still selling in downtown Clover, SC, too.  Now to start on Christmas gifts!!

Monday, October 24, 2016


With three major holidays lining up in a row, it's easy to get your little one ready with Pressed Clovers specialty bibs!! 

Halloween! Fun and festive fall and pumpkins. Those would easily carry into November, too. 

Of course you gotta have the turkeys for Thanksgiving!! 

And then my favorite... Christmas!! 

So what do you think?? 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Excited to Announce...

Pressed Clovers is excited to be featured in Love It Marketplace, located in downtown Clover, SC!! Additionally, Pressed Clovers unveils Baby Love, gift baskets for your baby gift needs! 

Pressed Clovers bibs and burp cloths on display at Love It Marketplace! 

Serious cuteness!! So adorable. And the gift baskets are so cute - a grab and go present idea for babies!! 

I do still have the Etsy store at Baby Love gift baskets are exclusively at Love It Marketplace. :)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Etsy Store is Live!

I've been making bib and burp cloth sets like crazy, stocking a shelf in a downtown Clover store and my Etsy store at But that means I have some cute things that will make most anyone happy. 

I've really enjoyed slling these, finding unique or adorable fabric, and gifting them to all the babies!

So handy, just wash, dry and you are ready to use again. 

Visit my etsy shop for much more selection!

Monday, April 11, 2016

NICU isolette covers

I know I've posted about the isolette covers before - these are for babies born early who are in incubators, fighting to survive. The incubators/Isolettes are designed to control the baby's environment. It also amplifies noise. So these covers help reduce light and noise, creating a "womb-like" environment as much as possible. 

My mom made a set for my brother's twin boys. Then I wanted to make some in honor of them. And my church picked up on it... And now it's time to donate!! So excited!! 

I'm hoping I kept pictures of each one I made...

Hrm. I thought I'd made ten but I only have pics of nine!! Looks like I'll have to make one more before Friday when we deliver these :) (obviously I can't count. There are ten here!!)

This is a simple pattern mom came up with after making the ones for my nephews. 45" wide OR width of fabric. This pattern should cover about any isolette. The bottom fabric should be dark. I used prequilted black, I used batting and quilted myself, and I just used thick fleece to back some. 

And the tops are cotton or flannel. It doesn't really matter. 

I can't tell you how thankful I am God gave me this opportunity to give back to those most vulnerable in our communities.  And how appreciative I am of those who did this before me so my nephews had donated covers before my mom made them their own. 

I made A LOT of mistakes. Seriously crooked lines. Puckers in the fabric. White thread on black fabric. But these sweet babies do not care. Promise!! So don't let that stop you from trying this! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Adapting a Pattern

When my good friend Paulene told me she was expecting, I knew I wanted to create something very special for her baby girl. I did burp clothes and bibs, but I really wanted to do a quilt... I call them floor quilts. 40" x 40" and great to toss in the floor for baby to play or nap. 

My friend started the hashtag #RainbowBabyCruse. So it just made sense to incorporate a rainbow, but how? I have no idea how I found this persons blog, but her pattern seemed something I could do! And her quilts are beautiful!

Go check out her pattern and blog. 

So I started wondering how to make chevrons into rainbows. And I can't cut straight worth anything but the charm packs didn't have enough in the rainbow colors I needed. So a last minute trip to the store and lots of wavy lines later, I figured out what I wanted to do. 

I started with a solid chevron, then a mix of the pink colors, another solid another mix etc. So I had four patterns of fabric in each color. And four solid chevrons and four mixed chevrons in each color. But the quilt wasn't long enough. 

So I added white strips between each color to expand the length. I didn't bind it, I sewed right sides together and flipped it out. It was a bit wonky but I still liked it. 

I backed it in this adorable flannel, then quilted around the chevrons on each side. You can tell I hadn't quilted yet in this picture. 

And here she is, opening it!! So happy I was able to create something handmade for such a talented, crafty, and special friend. Can't wait To meet her precious baby girl, soon I hope! 

And I had to share my quilt with you because I am that excited I managed to create something so cute! ;) 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

NICU Isolette Covers

So many volunteer or donation opportunities aren't known about until a specific situation impacts your life. My brother a sister-in-law prayed for a child for so long and God blessed them with two! Identical twins, Liam and Kellan. However, they were delivered at 28 weeks and spent 2.5 months in the NICU at our local Children's hospital. (NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Thank The Lord above for these people who work in the NICU!  

Having no previous experience with the NICU, none of us knew about isolette covers for the incubators the babies live in. These covers make their habitat dark and muffles the noise from the NICU, allowing for better rest and less stimulation. Basically, it recreates life in the womb as best as possible. 

My sweet nephew is under there sleeping soundly. :) My mom made matching blankets for the twins but before she did, the twins were given covers that were donated by those who came before them or loving volunteers. They didn't always fit well because there are several sizes and types of Isolettes. Some were made for smaller Isolettes but were better than nothing for the boys. That's when my brother asked my mom to make some for his boys. Of course, she did. 

Since then, mom and I wanted to give back to the facility that was so important in the well-being of our newest editions. We made flyers and posted online to see if anyone else wanted to follow the very simple directions to make covers to donate. Two churches have gotten involved - including mine! - and are making covers for these precious babies! 

Trust me when I say this is flexible. So much cloth is only 42" wide - no problem. And I don't use binding, I sew mine right sides together and turn it out. Some of my flaps are larger and I'm sure some are smaller. Eh no biggie. 

My church had a "sew-a-thon" and this one came from there. Adorable farm scene! 

The tops can be pretty much anything. One piece of fabric, quilting, cotton, flannel, whatever. The underside needs to be darker to help block light. I mostly use prequilted fabric but started using thick fleece. 

Like this one - flannel in top and fleece on bottom. I didn't use batting - this was pretty thick and I hope will muffle noise. 

Flannel and fleece. 

Cotton and prequilted fabric.

The coolest thing is as people find out about this need, they have created a cover or two for the project. It just took getting the word out about the need. 

Anyway, you don't have to be a sewing genius to make these. Trust me when I say mine have horrible mistakes. But those sweet babies will not care one little bit. 

Maybe this inspires you to find a way to use your interests, talents and such to give back to your community? I hope so. There are so many needs on so many levels and any one of them would love your help. :)