Tuesday, November 27, 2012


What on earth do you make for one almost teenager that she doesn't already have?! One of my scrapbooks, of course! My niece has experienced quite a bit of excitement this year and I thought a scrapbook would be a great way to capture those memories.

I found the perfect album, hot pink and black covered in neon peace signs, and it came with quite a bit of paper! I found neon solid paper to match up with it and we were ready to go!

I wasn't crazy about all the black, so the colors help pop the decorations within the pages.  I'm giving her a selection of fun stickers (groovy words, peace signs, sock monkeys, rhinestones) so she can decorate her pages however she would like.  I'm also printing out lots of pictures so she can pick the ones she wants in the scrapbook and which she'd like to keep in a traditional album.

How do you like my hot pink foot in the picture?
I tried to break away from my structured tendencies so it would be more youthful - but I'm just a straight-laced gal. The stickers will help give it the "cool factor" that it needs to be her personality! :)

I can't wait for her to see it! But if you know her, shhhhhh... don't tell! :)