Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Adapting a Pattern

When my good friend Paulene told me she was expecting, I knew I wanted to create something very special for her baby girl. I did burp clothes and bibs, but I really wanted to do a quilt... I call them floor quilts. 40" x 40" and great to toss in the floor for baby to play or nap. 

My friend started the hashtag #RainbowBabyCruse. So it just made sense to incorporate a rainbow, but how? I have no idea how I found this persons blog, but her pattern seemed something I could do! And her quilts are beautiful!

Go check out her pattern and blog. 

So I started wondering how to make chevrons into rainbows. And I can't cut straight worth anything but the charm packs didn't have enough in the rainbow colors I needed. So a last minute trip to the store and lots of wavy lines later, I figured out what I wanted to do. 

I started with a solid chevron, then a mix of the pink colors, another solid another mix etc. So I had four patterns of fabric in each color. And four solid chevrons and four mixed chevrons in each color. But the quilt wasn't long enough. 

So I added white strips between each color to expand the length. I didn't bind it, I sewed right sides together and flipped it out. It was a bit wonky but I still liked it. 

I backed it in this adorable flannel, then quilted around the chevrons on each side. You can tell I hadn't quilted yet in this picture. 

And here she is, opening it!! So happy I was able to create something handmade for such a talented, crafty, and special friend. Can't wait To meet her precious baby girl, soon I hope! 

And I had to share my quilt with you because I am that excited I managed to create something so cute! ;) 

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