Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Welcome to a New Year!!

2017!! How did this happen! I'm still in the stage where it feels weird to write 2017... Hopefully I'll transition before February. 

To share a few things I've worked on in the past months:

Bib sets I've had for sale in Love It Marketplace in downtown Clover, SC. I'm also still working my Etsy shop and will hopefully do craft fairs as it warms back up in the Spring. 

Pillow covers for Mom. I really need to do another kinda generic one for the non-holiday times of the year. 

Paw Patrol pillow for Macy's Christmas. 

Just finished this Dino floor quilt for a baby coming in a few months!!

And ...of course a pint sized tiger rag for the Clemson babies!!! National Champions!! So exciting :)

I'd like to learn so much more about quilting and squaring up quilts. And how to use my embroidery machine, for the love of heaven!!! My goals for 2017!! 

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